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"It's not that complicated"

(All, "Yup, this is a mixed bag, too...", but...)

We're big fans of this idea. Obviously. We think it's an idea with some real potential.

But... I mean... it's got this built-in problem, just like anything. Isn't this wishy-washy? Too much with the questioning?

And we get that, but... Our feeling is that ahhh... you're kind of ahhh... yer doing it wrong?

[The example I use, Gravity. Like, what's the moderate position on gravity going to be? "Down," if you see what I mean.]

Like... life and the issues we face as a society are kind of complicated, and we should treat them that way - but they're not really that complicated.

We don't have to endlessly revisit the gravity issue - or whether guys should leave their wives and kids - or whether sandwiches are delicious and music is cool - "don't step in front of a moving bus," etc. This stuff doesn't change.

The ones that are hard, well, we ought to take a bit of time, no? Measure twice, cut once.

Folks will always butt heads about the details, and we'd like to get in on that.

copy left out overnight with gross roaches
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