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"It's all just a-cooked right in to that big lasagna in the sky..."
moderate Party .net

As in like, "Hey! Can you all hear me over there at all? No, not at all?
Am I hollering loud enough to where you can hear me?"

These Here Disclaimers

Disclaimer:   Being a moderate doesn't mean I don't have an opinion. I've got plenty, OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Disclaimer:   This idea will never, ever work. Probably. I mean, c'mon, it would be a travesty!

Disclaimer:   I mean, there should be something, though, am I wrong?

Disclaimer:   We do our best. We have kids and day jobs. Please "bless this mess."

The Box of Quotes

"Better Politics Eventually"

Or um, "Everyone is just, is just mis-pronouncing it."

Or um, "We should thank our lucky stars we have people of all stripes."

Rock flag and eagle!

Or um, "Here's something I think, but yesterday, I walked into a glass door..."

Or, "There's always two sides to everything. But, 'gravity is down.' "

Or like, "I need a second chance to get your ear on this one."

Or like, "Is an apple better than a pear? At what?"

Is an apple better than a pear? At what?

Or um, "Every-body's work-ing for the week-end !"

Or like Sim City 2000? You build the roads, you build the water pipes...

Suggest us some more!

Really Super Serious Key Points:

Balance!  Wah-so! Coke vs. Pepsi

Mission Statement Type of Thingy

"This is America; we have people of all stripes."

Lots of folks are kind of moderate. Moderate Democrat, moderate Republican, independent, whatever.

Let's not get boxed out forever because it's hard to agree on what's moderate. So what?

Let's just try and send the sucker dinkin' off the back side of the Moon with a 5-iron like usual, am I wrong? And we figured out how: by not actually doing it. ;D

We're ready to ""combine forces into Megazord"", and do this thing up right as one big dysfunctional human family.

If you look around some and you like where we're coming from, cool deal. There's plenty of ways to get involved here, buy a keychain, add an article to the pool, use the forums ... etc. etc...)

It's "the best we could do on such short notice," anyway. Hope you like it.

So therefore, buy a keychain, ya cheap bum! :D

Okie doke!

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"Never fear to build castles in the sky; for that is the place to build them.

You then build up to them."

 -  A favorite poem, sorta kinda recollected