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Let's DO this!
With the powers of the Left and Right combined,
We Form Into Megazord !!!!

"Similar to a Political Party"
"To Form a More Perfect Union, Why Not"

So! The Moderate Party, or the Balance Party, the Independent Party, whatever you want to call that whole deal... an "Everything Bagel"...

Not centrism... "?-alism", let's say... We like to say we're "coming from, not going towards, the middle," if that makes sense? "Continuous optimization toward stability," say.

This is not 'weak moderate.' Our opinions are mostly to one side or the other, but just tailored-to-fit a little.

"I have fences on both sides of my property," so to speak.

Check it out, anyway-sir! Hope you like it. Been working real hard on it!

"Better Politics Eventually", "Stabilize the System"
Gonna have a Rock-a-Zoola
'til the end of time!
Oh, yeah!

* * Bop, Doo-Waa! * *
* * Bop-a Bop-a, Doo-Waa! * *

This is "Not-Weak Moderate"
The Neutral People
[The Neutral Planet President, from Futurama]

A church sign reads 'Save the Earth, it's the only planet with chocolate'


copy left out overnight with gross roaches
c. 2005
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