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Black Bart, the Bad Guy
"Black Bart, the Bad Guy" Thinking

Everyone these days is caught up in what we're calling "Black Bart, the Bad Guy" thinking.

Folks are telling them that they're "the only-est Good Guys who ever could be."

This here other guy is pure, straight crazy, dumb as rocks, and rotten to the core, and could never, ever get even one right.

It's a good way to drum up foot soldiers, but it just ain't so. Not usually; usually people are straight-up. Weird, aggravating, yeah - but straight-up.

I know folks from all over, and they're all pretty darn nice, and well-intentioned - and just endlessly, aggravatingly wrong on something or another, ha! Once you get to know them. ;D

Like, you know? They're "well-intentioned but insular."

The fact is, we've all made mistakes, and pride blinds us to them until it doesn't. "You gotta bring cookies." Let's get back in the car, know what I mean?

copy left out overnight with gross roaches
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